Fusicology is a multifaceted media entity that promotes progressive urban and soul music & culture. Our fusion of events, record releases, promoters, venues and lifestyle brands has established our site as The Source for the discerning music tastemaker audience since 2003.

In an over-saturated media climate, Fusicology has successfully created an engaged community of the coveted urban alternative, progressive soul markets.

For over a decade, we have been successful in curating, defining, supporting and sustaining our targeted market by aggregating quality events, artists, promoters and lifestyle brands. We take a trans-media approach to reach our market via our newsletters, content rich website and sponsored events. We also maintain proprietary partnerships both on and offline.

Fusicology, the highly acclaimed and award-nominated website and mobile app, features carefully filtered music, art and quality event listings in multiple markets. In addition to the online platform, Fusicology is also an event production company focused on strategic marketing, promotions and custom experiences.

For our 10 Year Anniversary, Fusicology relaunched the site with an upgraded user experience and redesign along with upgraded mobile site + apps.  Futher localization and socialization UX & UI improvements in time for the fall of 2014.